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An RSS of Kejriwal or Anna of BJP

An RSS of Kejriwal or Anna of BJP 

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केजरीवाल का संघ या भाजपा के अन्ना

Many a (political) parties have on their back a social, religious or an educational movement. This movement feeds the party an intellectual diet and the party provides a ‘space of expansion’ to that movement. In present times the combination of BJP and the RSS is an example. The RSS is a movement. The BJP is a (political) party. The RSS provides an intellectual base to the BJP and in turn the BJP provides a political palatability to that intellectual philosophy of the RSS. This article strictly forbears to appreciate or criticize the personal nouns used here. It is only an academic debate.

Anna was in Maharashtra. Arvind Kejriwal was in Delhi. Anna claims to be a movement there. And this claim has its own weight. Kejriwal brought him to Delhi and the movement got a bigger canvas to act upon. Kejriwal took a turn and became a party while Anna remained a movement. Both of them took their stand distinctively but firmly.

At a time when both of them used to be a movement they organized a Ramlila Maidan with a long fast by Anna. The government felt terrified and it attacked the movement Anna. At that time a common man of Delhi had identified itself with the movement. The people of Delhi took that attack by government as onto themselves and the public stood garrisoned with the movement.

Later people saw the party (Kejriwal) separating it from the movement (Anna). The party contested Delhi Assembly elections and made unprecedented records of victory. After victory the party (Kejriwal) announced that its next target would be Mumbai. And suddenly the report came in the media that the movement (Anna) had started its fast unto death in Ralegan a place in Maharashtra. 

What is all this?

Is it a movement backing a party but too clandestinely? Is there some need to have this clandestine approach? Why the things are hidden from public; from the same public who contributed their blood and sweat in their fight for Lokpal (!!); from the public who cast their vote to support you in a historically unprecedented manner?

Public of Delhi and for that matter the public of India is not clear that if you are movement and feed a party then why are you not courageous enough to announce it openly? Public is also not clear that if you are a party and reap the benefits of a movement then why is it not admitted clearly?
At least BJP and RSS both always have shown a courage to have their principled relationship on board.

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